About Us

Who is CommodityConsult GmbH?

CommodityConsult GmbH is an independent consulting firm with its headquarters in Leipzig.

CommodityConsult GmbH was founded in May 2004.

CommodityConsult GmbH focuses on questions concerning the energy trade, energy sales, energy procurement and energy related services. The CommodityConsult GmbH team offers many years of experience in the energy business and in the financial sector.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the independence of the consultant is the "conditio sine qua non" for a successful consultation.

To us, independence means that we are committed solely to our client, without being bound to any energy supplier, trading platform or software provider.
To us, independence also means that we don't have to present you with a pre-prepared opinion, rather, one that respects the individuality of your challenges.

Cost Efficiency

Consultation is sought out in order to create more cost-efficient processes; however, the advantages of advice should not be negated by the costs of consulting fees.

We are convinced that good advice justifies its price, but don't believe in exorbitant overhead.


We work within a network of independent business consultants connected by a focal point, the energy industry, in order to overcome its diverse challenges in a cost-efficient manner.
This flexible arrangement offers customers the opportunity to access experts with a wide variety of perspectives and ensures the high quality of our consulting service.
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